Get relevant and reliable information and reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs

Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER) by SkySails is based upon SkySails’ long-standing expertise in ship operations as well as the collection and evaluation of maritime data.

By providing relevant and reliable real-time information, V-PER offers simple, yet complete decision support enabling your crew onboard and staff onshore to jointly and effectively optimize your fleet’s operational efficiency. In this way V-PER helps reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs, thus substantially improving your bottom line and competitiveness.

V-PER – Your Performance Management Toolbox

With V-PER you can choose from a powerful performance management toolbox providing just the right solution to your individual needs. Improve ship operations step-by-step by adding from the numerous options V-PER has in place. With its open system structure and the possibility to connect and evaluate over 500 sources of data V-PER is fit for the future, protecting your valuable investment.



V-PER Brochure [pdf]