V-PER – your certified turnkey solution to MRV

Vessel Performance Manager makes fulfilling MRV requirements easy while at the same time improving bottom lines

These days most shipping companies are struggling to fulfill the MRV (monitoring, reporting & verifying) requirements recently imposed by the EU. Now there is a relief of this burden: V-PER – the Vessel Performance Management System made by SkySails Marine Performance GmbH of Hamburg – has been officially certified “MRV-ready” by Bureau Veritas’ subsidiary Tecnitas. Using V-PER, shipping companies can thus easily and conveniently satisfy all of the most recently approved data collection and reporting requirements. Instead of developing their individual MRV processes, ship owners can now revert to V-PER as a certified turnkey solution. Drawing upon the data collected and evaluations made by V-PER, SkySails Marine Performance prepares all of the documentation needed for issuing the compliance documents and submits these to the accredited verifiers on behalf of its customers.

Background: The EU has approved requirements for ships to track their CO2emissions. These new arrangements will take effect in January 2018 and apply to all ships of more than 5,000 gross tons calling in EU and EFTA ports. The reported CO2 emissions, together with additional data, are to be verified by accredited verifiers and sent to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The aggregated ship emission and efficiency data will be published annually by the EU.

Ship operators are now facing a dual challenge: First of all, suitable measurement procedures have to be implemented. Secondly, a compliant monitoring process has to be put into effect that, together with the regularly generated reports, must be verified by independent and accredited verifies.

At first glance, MRV imposes additional work and expense to ship owners. But taking a closer look, there is also a lot to gain: MRV aims to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping and thus to improve its energy efficiency in an ongoing continuous improvement cycle. As a comprehensive performance management system, V-PER collects and evaluates vessel data in a holistic way, allowing not only to easily fulfill MRV requirements but also to improve your fleet’s energy efficiency and profitability at the same time.


V-PER Brochure [pdf]