V-PER – Enabling smarter decisions

Make smarter decisions onboard and onshore

A vessel’s profitability largely depends on the crew sailing and the staff onshore making smart decisions in order to optimize ship operations. As a matter of fact, the impact of such decisions is highly influenced by the availability and quality of information.
A vessel is a complex system influenced by a multitude of nautical, technical and economic factors. Thus effective performance management requires a system capable of precisely collecting, evaluating and accurately interpreting data for all these factors providing a complete picture of the vessel’s status to all decision-makers onboard and onshore. 

V-PER provides easy-to-read and concise information tailored to the needs of each decision-maker involved in the optimization process, and thus enables smarter decisions to be made both onboard and onshore.

Immediately see the effect of actions taken

V-PER shows the effects of the decisions you make and the actions you take in real time, which means that immediate corrective actions can be undertaken to avoid any negative impact from suboptimal operations.

Free up time for optimization tasks

V-PER features automated reporting saving 80-90% of the typical report preparation time. Thus V-PER frees up time for your crews sailing and staff onshore to perform more important optimization tasks and continuously improve operations.

Know-how and support at your fingertips – 24/7

Vessel and fleet performance management is an ongoing process. With V-PER as your one-stop performance management solution and SkySails as your long-term partner we are at your service – 24/7. This starts with installation support and customization and ranges all the way to ongoing reporting, data provision and analysis as well as trouble-shooting and consulting.


V-PER Brochure [pdf]